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Seatings for Bus stations

11.12.2017 | Terminals

Having to travel means waitings at bus and railway stations or airports. We cannot help it! That's why so important that waiting areas at passenger terminals are well provided with comfortable seatings allowing to relax and make our waiting easier.

Whereas bus stations, we find that sometimes the waiting zones are outdoor and so, benches and seatings will have to be able to resist weather changes. Also, seatings for bus stations, both indoor or outdoor, have to suffer a heavy people traffic. That's to say that seatings will be used by thousands and thousands of travellers every day.

By all above said about requirements, aluminium and stainless Steel are the most suitable materials for this type of seatings to be installed at a passenger terminal.

 Baeza Bus Station (Spain). AERO Aluminium Bench
Baeza Bus Station (Spain). AERO Aluminium Bench


Concerning the type of seating, it is likely that benches and beam seatings with capacity for several people will be required. One of the benches that most often are found at bus stations is AERO Bech, one of  Sellex's  jewels. This design by Lievore Alther Molina was created 15 years ago, but it continues to be a modern and up-to-date design. A combination of minimalism, light, comfort and strength  together with the use of aluminium extruded profiles and stainless Steel end-sides, make this model suitable for either indoor or outdoor stations.

Hereby some references which trusted our AERO Bench as the seating for their passenger terminals: Pamplona Bus Station (Spain), London Euston Station (UK), or Getxo Cruise Terminal (Spain), among others.

Other Sellex  seatings that could be suitable for bus stations is SLAM Beam Seating, designed by  Lievore Altherr Molina. A bench with a different aesthetic which fits well in any waiting area: it's a seating for clinics and hospitals, for funeral homes, for congress halls, Law Courts or Universities...but it is also a seating for passenger terminals. Two injected aluminium legs are part of the frame which are linked by an extruded beam also in aluminium.

 College Station, Texas (USA). VACANTE Bench
College Station, Texas (USA). VACANTE Bench


Finally, VACANTE Bench deserves to be mentioned, a sober and strenth product, designed by Enric Miralles and which has proved to be longlasting at public spaces

VACANTE Bench can be found at places like Heathrow bus station (UK) or College Station in Texas (USA).

AERO, SLAM an VACANTE. Three different options to equip a same space: the waiting area at a passenger terminal. Which would be your choice?

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