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HANDY, a key element in the new stores of EE (British Telecom)

22.11.2019 | Offices

The HANDY Stool, designed by Stephen Philips (Arup) for Sellex, has been a key element in the new design of the EE (British Telecom) stores in London.

EE wanted to provide comfort and flexibility with the seating design in order to enable more transacting points. The objective was a destination where our customers can explore our offer and speak to a real expert face-to-face.

That's Quinine Design's mission who was entrusted with the project. The result has been a set of stores designed to democratise the technology and make it more approachable, communicating in a simple and clear way how EE technology can ‘make the everyday better'. To this end, new touchpoints have been added to facilitate conversation, showcasing products and services alongside great customer service.

New stores of EE (British Telecom), HANDY Stools.
HANDY Stools in the New stores of EE (British Telecom).


In short, this is a Showcase store design where the HANDY Stool of Sellex plays an important role in guaranteeing the closeness that is sought with the customers. The design creates a participative and relaxed environment where customers interact with the staff and the offered products and services.

HANDY facilitates closeness

As we said, the HANDY Stool is a good choice in a space that seeks closeness. The new EE stores require seats that are not used continuously, but are used at specific times to serve customers. The HANDY Stool is stackable up to 20 units on the floor and it weighs only 3,3 kg. Being lightweight, it can easily be moved from one table to another, and being stackable it will take up little space when not in use.

Moreover, it offers a space under the seat where any bulk (a bag, a backpack, etc.) can be tucked beneath and in this way, customers have their possessions controlled.

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