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LA LITERAL in a renovated 1920s hotel

08.09.2020 | Hospitality

The Catalonia Gran Vía Hotel in Madrid (Spain) is the proof that LA LITERAL folding bunk beds by Sellex have a design that fits perfectly with all types of hotel establishments, independently of their aesthetics. So we can find LA LITERAL by Lievore Altherr Molina in hostels and also in accommodations with a more contemporary style. And even in hotels like this one, the Catalonia, which since its last renovation in 2018 has a very particular style inspired by the North American 1920s cafes.

Specifically, the hotel of Madrid, has LA LITERAL bunk beds in white and in two different sizes: 200X90 and 190X90. Thanks to the choice of these folding bunk beds, the Hotel Catalonia can have family rooms for up to four people, optimizing their space to the maximum, as when LA LITERAL is closed, it only occupies 30 cm in depth.

Juan Antonio Cartón and his interior design team from El Corte Inglés have chosen the LA LITERAL Bunk Bed 'for its refined, almost minimalist design and its great resistance'. The bunk beds have been customised with the intention of going unnoticed when not in use. To this end, the wall has been increased so that the bunk bed is levelled out, and the fronts have been covered with the same wall material. The result has been 'multipurpose rooms and a very careful image when the bunk beds are not being used'.

Architectural sensitivity

The hotel's interior design project contemplated the redecoration of a large number of rooms, always respecting the essence of the building, a modernist construction from the early 20th century for heritage protection. Hence, brick, wood and warm colours like beige and chocolate prevail.

The hotel reform also included the rehabilitation of the original facade with modern lighting, as well as the improvement of other facilities and services: common areas, restaurants, corridors, spa, etc.

The Catalonia Gran Vía Hotel in Madrid is proof that LA LITERAL folding bunk beds
LA LITERAL folding bunk beds at the Catalonia Gran Vía Hotel in Madrid

An extensive rehabilitation project that has been awarded with the DPA Forum Madrid 2020 Award for its 'architectural sensibility'. This is how the Forum for Innovation in Architecture, Construction and Rehabilitation rates the work done by El Corte Inglés.

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