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Sergenten, from former army barracks to event centre

08.06.2023 | Others

A long history lies behind Sergenten, a building that was first a naval station and artillery school and later housed the barracks in Sønderborg, Denmark. For decades, Danish sergeants were trained in Sergenten and, for this reason, it has been decided to keep its original name, 'The Sergeant' in Danish, as a tribute to all those men and women who served the city. This is what they say from the modern Event and Conference Centre: 'Just as men and women came to Sønderborg over the years to train as sergeants, our event venue will attract people to Sønderborg, where experience, knowledge, networking and growth await them,' they state emphatically on their website.

Local architectural firm ZENI architects was chosen to design the transformation of the building into a modern concert and event space.

'Our ambition was to preserve the historical references and integrate the buildings' past history into the new function. Therefore, it was also important that all new changes and additions contrast sharply with the historical aspects, so as not to obscure the narrative. This applies to both the design language and the choice of materials,' says Torben Engsig Svan Sørensen, principal architect and owner of ZENI architects.

Furniture for Event and Conference Centre
Exterior of the Sergenten Event and Conference Centre

The exterior brick façades as well as the concrete roof trusses and beams have been preserved. They have only been cleaned and repaired as necessary, but little else. All additions and new surfaces have been executed in stark contrast to the preserved façades and structures, so that the old and the new can be clearly distinguished and the history of the building is not obscured.

On the inside, however, a completely new layout has been introduced. Mette Faarup Jørgensen and her team at AM/PM were responsible for the interior design of the project, giving the facility a completely new look. The main entrance is in open connection with the main hall which occupies most of the building's space.

Furniture for events

A space of these characteristics, with different rooms designed to host all kinds of events, requires very concrete and specific furniture that can be removed whenever it is not in use. With our FAST Table, designed by Carlos Tíscar, space optimisation is a reality. It is a very versatile table, with a folding frame that can be joined to tops of different formats.

This is precisely the table that the Sergenten Centre has chosen to equip its event and conference rooms. Frames, tops and also trolleys to facilitate the transport and storage of all the pieces.

Folding table for event and conference rooms
The FAST Table can be assembled and disassembled without the need for tools

In addition to FAST, at Sellex we have other multi-purpose folding tables that are perfect for spaces where business meetings, seminars, weddings and other events in the hospitality industry are held.

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