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KONE encourages collaborative work with Sellex furniture

06.04.2021 | Offices

Elegant, functional and cosy. This is how we can define the working environment of the Dutch headquarters of KONE, a company in which collaborative work is fully integrated. Promoting collective thinking and teamwork is one of their priorities, and to continue betting on this they have equipped their offices in The Netherlands with Sellex furniture: the FAST Table, the SLAM Chair, the ZUBI Table and the SET Stool.

KONE is a Finnish company dedicated to the maintenance and modernization of elevators, escalators and automatic doors. In The Netherlands it has two offices, one in Veenendaal and the other in The Hague, specifically in the Forepark Business Park.

It is the latter that has been equipped with Sellex furniture. Its innovative facilities are designed according to the concept of collaborative work. They have different areas and spaces for cooperation and connection.

KONE chooses SELLES office furniture
KONE equips their offices in The Netherlands with Sellex furniture.

There are flexible workplaces, team rooms, single and double booths, formal and informal meeting areas and a large multi-functional space. Sam Groen, manager of KONE Netherlands, explains that employees choose where they want to work based on the task they have to perform. 'People consciously seek contact in the open workplaces, while in booths (quiet areas) they offer space for concentrated work, alone or together,' adds Groen.

Another space that stands out especially is the KONE Academy, where technology and theory come together. It is a modern training centre with elevator shafts, escalators, study rooms and a Virtual Reality room.

Furniture for collaborative spaces

Collaborative work has long since ceased to be a simple fad. It is a concept that is here to stay, leaving behind the conventional company in which they worked independently. Now open spaces, co-working, teamwork ... are the concepts that rule.

At Sellex we have gone hand in hand with this change by offering furniture solutions for collaborative spaces. The ZUBI Tables program by Abad Diseño is one of those proposals that makes joint work possible. It is a system that allows you to create table compositions of different dimensions, both in length and in depth and height.

For these high tables, a very appropriate seat is the SET Stool, designed by Mario Ruiz, also available in various heights and with different bases.

The furniture chosen by KONE is completed by the FAST Table (by Carlos Tíscar) and the SLAM Chair (by Lievore Altherr Molina), two products that are frequently requested by companies due to the functionality they offer.

FAST is a removable table system made up of a folding painted steel frame and one or more worktops of different sizes and formats. This allows us to configure an infinity of multipurpose tables depending on the needs of the space in each moment. Perfect for example for meetings or training events.

Regarding the SLAM Chair, it is perhaps one of our most versatile seating programs. Thanks to its wide variety of possibilities, it can furnish any environment of an installation while maintaining a common aesthetic.

We are grateful to KONE for trusting Sellex to equip its facilities and we believe that the combination of SLAM, FAST, SET and ZUBI has been a good choice for offices as innovative as theirs.

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