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Calm and relaxed atmosphere in the Per Aarsleff Canteen

15.09.2021 | Offices

The Danish company Per Aarsleff has a canteen on its premises that has become a resting place for its employees. The canteen is much more than a space in which to have lunch, since its calm and relaxed atmosphere invites you to take a break, to regain strength in the middle of the hard work day.

To achieve that pleasant tranquillity, the facility consists of various spaces with different types of office seats, so that each worker can choose the one that suits them best in each case: tables and high seats for an informal chat or more comfortable chairs for sit at mealtime for a longer time. But always from the tranquillity and relaxation.

Per Aarsleff is a leading Danish contract company with extensive experience in designing, planning and implementing large-scale projects within infrastructure, climate change adaptation, environment, energy and construction.

With open spaces where collaborative work flows, the new Per Aarsleff facilities are located in Viby, in a distinctive office building where we can find Sellex furniture for workspaces.

Functionality and quality

The team responsible for the interior design was clear when equipping the canteen: they were looking for 'functional and quality' furniture. That is why Sellex is honoured that they chose our furniture.

The Aarsleff canteen chooses Sellex office furniture


The SLAM Chair, by Lievore Altherr Molina, has been one of the products installed, in its Basic version. In total, more than 300 units with different finishes have been distributed around the canteen: chairs with arms, without arms, with polypropylene shell in black and grey ... and all of them with upholstered seat.

The building in general is decorated in dull colours that help to generate that desired tranquillity, and the green upholstery of the SLAM Chairs provide a point of colour without departing from the calm that characterizes the environment.

On the other hand, the table chosen for the canteen has been our FAST Table designed by Carlos Tíscar. A good choice considering that another objective was to have functional furniture, easy to move and with a high level of comfort.

It is a removable and stackable table system that allows the use of the same frame with tops of different dimensions, so that different table formats can be configured with a minimum stock.

This table is designed to occupy multipurpose spaces, since it can be disassembled and stored easily, without the need for tools. All this makes it the perfect table to optimize space.

On this occasion, the FAST table with a black frame and a grey melamine top was chosen in two different sizes (2100 x 800 mm and 1400 x 800 mm).

We think that the canteen has made the right choice and the FAST-SLAM combination as office furniture fits perfectly with the space, a place that invites to calm.

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