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Sellex furniture to encourage collaborative work

19.07.2021 | Offices

The Slowstop company has equipped its offices in Belgium with Sellex chairs, lounge chairs and tables to promote a working environment in which team collaboration and cohesion are a priority.

Specifically, the furniture chosen (the SWING Chair, the SLAM Lounge Chair, the MIX Table and the FLY Table in different formats) has equipped several meeting rooms and spaces for short visits of suppliers and clients, as well as different workspaces.

Slowstop is a division of Impact Recovery Systems that manufactures bollards and protection systems. It has its headquarters in the Belgian town of Aarschot, where in addition to the offices it has a warehouse space.

The office area has certainly achieved its goal, creating an open workspace full of daylight coming from the glazed façade. In addition, the interior partitions to separate the workplaces are also glazed to encourage collaboration and allow a wider natural light reach.

Yellow, the colour of safety

The SWING Conference Chair on 4 castors and armrests is the seat in the Slowstop meeting room. A chair that was designed by Burkhard Vogtherr and Markus Dörner for this type of workspace. It is one of our office chairs par excellence.

Chairs, lounge chairs and tables by Sellex in Slowstop offices in Belgium

But at Slowstop they also needed a series of low seating to equip those rooms intended for shorter meetings, those with clients and suppliers who visit the premises. For these spaces, they opted for the SLAM Lounge Pyramidal with a more comfortable and relaxed character than other seats in the SLAM programme (Lievore Altherr Molina).

For both the SWING Chair and the SLAM Lounge Chair, grey upholstery with yellow touches has been chosen, as this is the colour associated with safety. Hence, yellow is present in the interior of the offices along with other neutral tones such as the black of the carpet and the white of the walls.

Two models of tables have been chosen to accompany the collaborative work seating: on the one hand, the MIX Table rectangular and on the other, the FLY Table (Lievore Altherr Molina) in different formats.

We believe that the office furniture chosen has been very wise and combines perfectly with the pure and timeless design of the space, in which the aim has been to maintain the essence and eliminate the superfluous, which is key to creating a good collaborative work environment.

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