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State Library of Segovia has chosen furniture of Sellex

06.10.2017 | Education

State Library of Segovia (Spain), projected by Cano and Escario Architecture Studio, has counted on several products of Sellex to furnish its premises. Among the selected furniture for the library, we find FAST Table (design Carlos Tíscar), BACK Lounge (design Burkhard Vogtherr) and SLAM Chair (design Lievore Altherr Molina).

This new facility, started to build in 2011 and finished last year, multiplies its capacity  by six, compared with the previous library.

The building is a ‘efficient bioclimatic container' aimed to reduce the energetic demand and where Cano and Escario Architecture Studio has searched for the optimum interior natural light by placing five linear powerful  skylights which provide a diffused light northwards.

FAST table, BACK Lounge Chair and SLAM Chair at the State Library of Segovia
FAST table, BACK Lounge Chair and SLAM Chair at the State Library of Segovia


The new library offers some areas opened to the public like: adults room, kids room, drink room, youth room, multi-purpose room, studio room, newspaper library and audio/visuals room. All of them have been furnished with several collections of Sellex which are finely integrated within the building and match with the interior design supplying the required functionality and an aesthetic beyond any fashion.

Chairs and tables for the new library

BACK Lounge Chair, designed by Burkhard Vogther, is a confortable and practical low seating ideal for reading zones in libraries but also for lounge areas at any facility. It is precisely its casual looking that makes it suitable for any space. Nevertheless, we will find BACK Lounge Chair either in libraries or in waiting rooms at hospital, hotels and educational or cultural centres. BACK Lounge Chair is available in three versions: lounge chair, lounge chair on cross-base and lounge chair with auxiliary tablet- being the former  the one chosen for the library in Segovia.

BACK Lounge Chair
BACK Lounge Chair


SLAM Chair is another selected seating for the National Library in Segovia thanks to its versatility, as it fits well not only in companies but also in the hospitality market. Whereas libraries, SLAM Chair, in all its versions, is perfect for any environment of the facility, workplace or leisure spaces. This time, the model placed is the basic one in steel tube and wooden shell with writing tablet.

SLAM Chair
SLAM Chair


FAST Table has been chosen, a design of Carlos Tiscar, knock-down and foldable, ideal for multi-purpose rooms in which different events take place. We have a multi-purpose table which provides a modern and fonctional design. Several options are available, by combining the different elements, with one or two tops. For this installation, the FAST Table with circular top in melamine has been used.

FAST Table at the State Library of Segovia
FAST Table at the State Library of Segovia


BACK, SLAM and FAST are the three products of Sellex that we can already see at this new library in Segovia and we have no doubt that they will contribute to the confort of the users.

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