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SLAM: a chair for every single space of your company

07.08.2017 | Offices

SLAM chairs series designed by Lievore Altherr Molina allows to combine different shells and frames while  keeping the same aesthetic in all the spaces of a facility. These chairs are aimed for offices, meeting rooms, auditoriums and congress halls. Its design fits well as airport seating and as terminal seating. At the same time, some of the models have been created to work out at hospitality.

Uniformity of design gives identity to this chairs program doted with a nice aesthetics which makes it easy to fit into a variety of settings. SLAM was born on this principle, it was aimed to keep the same line in all the posible combinations between shells and frames, but making that each piece would meet with a concrete purpose.

SLAM Chairs program
SLAM Chairs program


SLAM Chairs

A chair in several versions, polyvalent, able to adapt to different spaces, keeping the same modern and innovative design.

  • SLAM chair consists in an aluminium frame (coated or polished) of 12mm thickness, pretending a ‘railing' above which the polypropylene, 2D or 3D wood shell seems ‘to float'. A light design easy to fit into different espaces and settings.


  • SLAM chair with armrests model features an aluminium profile which will show in all the structure of the chair (legs,'railing' and armrests).



  • SLAM Sled base has a painted Steel rod, 12mm diameter combinable with all Shell options available in the SLAM program.


There are other versions besides the above mentioned ones, as  wooden legs chair, chair on pyramidal base or chair with aluminium armrests.

SLAM High Chair

SLAM High Chair tries to respond to a hospitality demand, which is more and more inclined to stop with space monotony by introducing a mixed up of high chairs and tables with other more classic ones.

SLAM High Chair
SLAM High Chair


It brings the same functionalities than a stool but with a greater confort. This SLAM family member is ideal to furnish spaces at hospitality, restoration and even workplaces with a care aesthetic and great functionality.

This version has the same steel rod than the one used on SLAM Sled chair, and a foot rest in stainless steel (optional) combaining with the variety of shells (Polypropylene, 2D Wood, 3D Wood or upholstered) available in the collection.

Chairs with 3D shell

Should we have to underline something in  SLAM chairs series, no doubt it would be

It is not frequent to find this kind of shell in the market. The oakwood has been specially treated so it can be given the curving, normally known as 3D Wood.

Furthermore, thickness has reached 7mm and edges have been rounded. At the time this design was launched, it was a worldwide novelty due to the innovative technology used in the creation of auxiliary elements like the  Linking device and writing tablet

SLAM chair has won serveral  Internationl Design Prizes  like Prize of Excellence - Coup de Coeu granted by  SIDIM Design Show and one of the awards of  Metropolis Likes given by the magazine Metropolis at NeoCon Fair.

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