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Sint Michielsgestel, from Town Hall to multipurpose space with Sellex furniture

19.11.2019 | Education

The Town Hall of Sint Michielsgestel (The Netherlands) is much more than a town hall now, after the architecture studio AREA Occupier Solutions has undertaken the project of the extension of the building that incorporates an area to be used as a community center. Sellex furniture has had a high presence in the project, since the new multifunctional space has been equipped with SLAM Chair, SET Stool and FAST Table.

This project was intended to maintain the administrative function of the building, as a city council that it is, but opening the space to all citizens of the municipality (30.000 inhabitants), as well as the 50 local associations in the area. The result has been this new concept of Town Hall that now has a library, a catering area, a music room, a youth club and meeting rooms.

For the interior architect, Mariska Kouwenhoven, the important thing was to make citizens feel at home from the very first moment, so that as soon as they enter, they are placed in the space and have quick access to what they need. For this reason, the entrance to the building is wide, with glass panels that give a sensation of spaciousness and luminosity.

Multifunctional furniture

The multifunctionality of the space was the greatest challenge for Mariska Kouwenhoven. The new functions of the building demanded openness and wide lines of vision, for which closed spaces were opened and a flexible and multifunctional design was chosen. In this way, the rooms can be adapted to the activity they host at any given time.

For this, the furniture election is key. In such a space, versatile tables and chairs are required.

Town Hall of Sint Michielsgestel (The Netherlands), FAST Table
FAST Table in the Town Hall of Sint Michielsgestel. Photography Sophie Mylou


In this case, FAST has been the selected table. Nearly 60 pieces of this Carlos Tíscar design have been placed, a folding table that offers a wide range of possibilities for multifunctional spaces thanks to the infinite number of configurations of multipurpose tables that can be generated with a minimum stock. Moreover, it is not necessary to use tools to assemble it, so it is an easy and fast system.

Town Hall of Sint Michielsgestel (The Netherlands), SLAM Chair.
SLAM Chair in the Town Hall of Sint Michielsgestel. Photography Sophie Mylou


Regarding the chairs, SLAM familiy (designed by Lievore Altherr Molina) was selected. Nearly 400 chairs have been placed, the majority of them of the Sled base model, although there are some SLAM Basic chairs with armrests too. All of them are chairs designed for multifunctional spaces such as Sint Michielsgestel Town Hall.

SET Stool in the Town Hall of Sint Michielsgestel.
SET Stool in the Town Hall of Sint Michielsgestel. Photography Sophie Mylou


Another of the versatile seats found in the renovated building is SET Stool, by Mario Ruiz. This stool program is a very wise choice when we speak of multifunctionality since it has different frames, heights and shells in order to adjust to the demands of each facility.

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