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Waiting room chairs for hospitals and medical offices

At Sellex we know how important comfort, durability and quality are in waiting chairs. Even more in hospitals and medical offices where, in many occasions, waiting time may be longer than expected and the patients and their relatives need an adequate furniture.


What qualities should waiting room seats have

In order to be used in a waiting area of a hospital or a waiting room of a medical office, a seat should meet some qualities that turn it optimal for that kind of facilities. It does not matter if it is a chair, an armchair or a bench as long as it meets the requirements that we indicate below.


Above all, waiting room chairs must be ergonomic. As we said before, the wait in a hospital or a medical office may be delayed and users of these seats should feel comfortable. Moreover, we are talking about patients who attend a medical centre to be treated from an illness. That's why it is even more necessary that chairs, armchairs, benches or seating beams that equip a waiting room of a hospital or medical office meet with this requirement, ergonomics, and be comfortable enough.


Another necessary attribute for chairs for waiting rooms in medical offices and hospitals is to be manufactured with materials that allow an easy maintenance of the seats. Durability and quality of the materials are very important because the passage of people is incessant and therefore, it is indispensable to have sturdy waiting area and waiting room seats.

The best materials to obtain seats of these characteristics are aluminium and stainless steel. SUMA, BILDU, AERO and SLAM Benches of Sellex have aluminium legs to prevent them from rusting when cleaning the floors.

Regarding the shells, the best are the ones made of polypropylene or upholstered with fabrics with anti-mite and anti-bacteria treatment. At Sellex we work with some fabrics that include this type of treatments.

Space adaptation

Waiting rooms are usually small spaces that need personality and warmth. Waiting room sofas and chairs must cover all the needs of patients and their companions while waiting their turn at the hospital. But seats must provide personality to the waiting area and be capable of adapting to space, either a little room or a narrow corridor. Likewise, in the case of being a more spacious waiting area, it will happen the same, we will need furniture that provides warmth to the space.


When talking about the attributes of chairs of waiting rooms of medical centres, design is a key element. It is precisely the design of the chair, the low seating, the armchair or the bench that will make possible that the seating meet the previous 3 requirements: to be ergonomic, easy to maintain and able to adapt to the space. It is useless to have these essential attributes, if the seat does not have an attractive aesthetic at the service of the design and facility architecture itself.

That's why at Sellex we have a wide range of furniture for waiting rooms for hospitals and medical offices that perfectly meet all the necessary requirements for the wellbeing of patients and their companions, with designs that adapt perfectly to the space where they will be located.

Waiting room benches

Benches and seating beams are the perfect seats for equipping spacious waiting rooms, or also waiting areas located in corridors. For spaces of such characteristics we have different models, the AERO Bench, manufactured with extruded aluminium profiles; the BILDU Bench, which combines the formal aesthetic and functionality required by waiting areas; SLAM Seating Beam, that provides the aesthetic of SLAM program to waiting areas of medical offices; and SUMA Bench, whose timeless design joins to the necessary functionality of this type of spaces. Likewise, we can add one of the latest incorporations to Sellex catalogue: the SQUARE Modular Seating system. Being a configurable seating, is able to adapt to the needs of each waiting room.

Chairs for clinics, hospitals and medical offices

When waiting room dimensions are smaller, it is preferable to equip it with other types of seats, such as clinic, medical office and hospital chairs. The SLAM Chairs program of Sellex offers a wide range of possibilities to equip any waiting room. For its part, the MASS Chair offers the advantage of being stackable up to 40 chairs, which allows removing or adding seats depending on the needs.

Sofas for waiting rooms

One of the best options for equipping waiting areas of hospitals or medical offices are waiting room armchairs, a type of seat that having a greater inclination on the backrest provides greater comfort to patients and their companions. Some low seating models as HAMMOK, VALERI or STILL allow adding armrests, which facilitate elderly people or with some mobility difficulty to stand up of the seat with less effort.

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