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Psypro Center: interior design for patient care

16.03.2022 | Health

The complex context of the pandemic has highlighted the importance of mental health. Overcoming the stigma, a reality that had been taboo for too long has been made visible and open to public debate.

The de-dramatization of psychiatric therapies is at the core of the Psypro Center in Grenoble (France), specialized in work-related psychological disorders. This is not only appreciated in the way of approaching the treatment, but also in the interior design of the facility, which is considered one more element of patient care.

The renovation of the building, with a surface area of 2,000m² and spread over 2 levels, has been a real challenge since it was previously a co-working space. Built in the 1990s and called 'Le Carré', it is located in a suburban industrial setting in the city of Seyssins and currently houses a consultation centre and a day hospital.

MASS, a lightweight chair of excellent quality/price

The 50-bed hospital has activity rooms, individual and group interview offices, a gym, a therapeutic kitchen and a restaurant. All these spaces are articulated around a large winter garden, which functions as the first reception area for patients. Thus, before meeting the care teams, hospital users can walk freely and meet like in a park.


The MASS Chair in the activity room
The MASS Chair in the activity room


It is specifically in one of the activity rooms where the more than 40 MASS Chairs designed by ITEMdesignworks for Sellex are located. The chosen version is the Basic Chair in Black, Musgo green and Camel brown, which fits perfectly with the colour range of the installation. MASS, which is characterized by being a highly stackable chair, was chosen for 'its design, lightness and its good quality/price ratio'.

The day hospital has also been equipped with 4 transport trolleys where up to 40 chairs can be stacked, reaching a maximum height of 1.70 m. This optimization of space is not at odds with functionality, since they are easily manageable trolleys.

For Sellex it is a pleasure to participate in this day hospital, which cares for patients from a novel approach and where the interior design creates an atmosphere that favours their recovery.

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