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HANDY in the modern Over the Wire offices in Brisbane

17.06.2020 | Offices

The telecommunications company Over the Wire has chosen the HANDY Stool designed by Stephen Philips from Arup to equip its modern Brisbane offices in Australia.

The facilities reflect the new concept of collaborative space, that is, an open and diaphanous working environment. The IT and telecommunications company contracted the Archway Commercial Interiors team to design their offices with that goal, to create a space that allows collaboration.

The result has been a workspace on three levels in which natural light takes great prominence. Panoramic views and rich vegetation with planters throughout the space that make the exterior and interior of the building merge. The general palette is neutral and corporate, using colours that match perfectly with the Over the Wire brand.

The space itself is conceived as a work and leisure place at the same time, with an interior design that mixes the traditional world of offices and home: meeting areas, corners to relax or concentrate, a games room with bar, dining area... It is this combination that allows for informal interaction and team culture.

Versatile furniture for a versatile space

Currently all offices are directed to this new concept of collaborative workspace where versatility is the key. The same room can serve to work individually and at the same time to organize an informal meeting, is what is searched nowadays.

HANDY Stool in the offices of Over the Wire
HANDY Stool equips the modern offices of Over the Wire


Furniture that allows this versatility is necessary in these workspaces. For this reason the HANDY Stool has been already positioned itself on the market as a multifunctional furniture item. It can be used as a seat for working, meeting or relaxing, but it can also be used as a side table.

It is light and easy to handle, with which we can move it from one place to another without difficulty. It is stackable, so it will hardly take up space when it is not being used, and the hole it has at the bottom offers us the possibility of storing our belongings (a bag or backpack for example) without disturbing on the floor.

In addition, HANDY is presented with different possible finishes (Polypropylene, Wooden pad or Upholstered Pad), allowing the stool to adjust to the style of the room. In the case of the new Over the Wire offices, a total of 16 HANDY Stools have been used, 8 white and 8 black, all with the Oak Wooden Pad.

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