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Domaine Le Mezo, much more than a hotel

15.05.2024 | Hospitality

The Hotel Domaine Le Mezo has not always been a hotel. Its origins date back to the 15th century. The château was built on the site of a former manor house in Ploeren (France), with an important historical value that has travelled well over the centuries.  

It was in 2019 that its founders Marie and Sébastien fell in love with the “château” and decided to undertake this project which took them two years.  Domaine Le Mezo is designed in the spirit of a large “authentic family home overlooking the park”. This is why it is much more than a hotel, because you don't just come here to spend the night. You come here to enjoy nature, the environment, the place as a whole.  

This is why the “château” specialises in organising events, both professional (seminars, team meetings, etc.) and family events, from birthdays and anniversaries to dream weddings. For this purpose, it has a large reception room, a warm, refined and flexible space. More than 400 m2, from 10 to 350 seats, sound and lighting, cloakroom... and direct access to the outside, where there are also more spaces for events. In this case, a 210 m2 greenhouse, with capacity for up to 190 people, catering and bar area and direct views of the park and the large lawn. 

In short, two spaces, one indoors and the other outdoors that need appropriate equipment. Versatile furniture capable of adapting to any circumstance. Tables for events such as our FAST Table, designed by Carlos Tíscar for Sellex.  

FAST is a very versatile table as it actually has a folding frame on which you can place tops of different sizes and shapes. This flexibility is what led the project managers to decide to install 35 FAST Tables with a diameter of 1600 in black.  

They complemented their order with 4 transport trolleys, which make it easy to store the tables when they are not in use. This is another of their advantages, the ease of assembly, as they can be assembled and disassembled without the need for tools and in a quick, uncomplicated manner.  In addition, this is a design table with a timeless and very neutral style that fits perfectly in both a professional and a family event.  

So yes, the FAST Table is perfect for a hotel that is much more than just a hotel. 

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