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How to choose a bench for chapels

09.10.2014 | Funeral Homes

In order to choose the right bench for Chapels, it is necessary to know the different areas where they may be required.

The large installations types where we may find a bench for chapels are as follows:

1.- Bench for Churches:

Should the bench be installed at a Church, it has to meet with the following requirements:

  • The aesthetic of the bench has to match with the Church's one.
  • The bench of the chapel at a Church will have a Prayer stool.
  • Besides, it has to be ergonomically adapted to the purpose for which it is meant.

Among the Sellex proposals of benches for chapels, we find that VACANTE Bench (designed by Enric Miralles ) is the one which best suits for this purpose, as its features have been designed to meet with the requeriments of this kind of spaces:
  • The aesthetic of the VACANTE Bench reminds us, some of its versions, the typical wooden bench at Churches, slightly more modern.
  • Front Prayer stool can be placed in all the rows.
  • Fully modular, compositions of these benches for chapels can have from 2 places up to any wanted length.
  • Different seating shells (both in depth as inclination) which allow an easy use.


VACANTE Benches in Santa Clara Church
Santa Clara Church, Vitoria-Gazteiz (Spain). VACANTE bench
2.- Benches for Multi-religious Chapels:

Should the bench be for a multi-religous Chapel (usually located at Hospitals, Funeral houses, Airports...) some requirements are necessary:

  • The aesthetic of the seat in a chapel has to adapt to the environment's aesthetic, takin into consideration that depending on the believes of each user, the decoration may vary. Thus, the bench must be able to “fusion” with the different spaces.
  • The bench will be comfortable and available in different finishings: Wood, Polyurethane, Upholstery, Aluminium.
  • The Prayer stool is an option (it is not used in all the Religions).

Among the benches for Chapels proposed by Sellex, we believe that AERO Bench (designed by Lievore Altherr Molina ) is the most suitable one for this purpose because it has been provided with the necessary characteristics in this kind of spaces:

  • The aesthetic of AERO Bench (a product winner of countless International Design Awards) allows to fix to different types of espaces.
  • AERO Bench is available in a variety of finishings in order to meet with the customer and user's demand.
  • Great Modularity, compositions from 2 up to 10 seaters in one single piece, are possible.

AERO Benches at the Chapel of Girona
Funeral House in Girona (Spain). AERO aluminium bench.

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