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Pärnu Crematorium, a way of eulogising life

01.06.2023 | Funeral Homes

The Pärnu Crematorium in Pärnumaa, Estonia, argues that farewells need not be sad and sombre. They can be a way of celebrating the life of the deceased, of valuing all that has been shared, and of providing a kind look that helps family and friends to mourn.

This philosophy can be seen in the crematorium's facilities. Proof of this are the high ceilings and large windows overlooking the outdoor garden and above all, the absolute predominance of the colour white reinforced by a natural light that floods every corner of the facility. Not to mention the minimalist interior design, which is explored in less sober details such as the chandeliers.

Part of this ensemble is the AERO Bench designed by Lievore Altherr Molina for Sellex. This seating fits perfectly in the crematorium, among other reasons, for the purity of its lines.


Pärnu Crematorium (Estonia)
Pärnu Crematorium (Estonia)


Farewell ceremonies have evolved and reflect changes in society. Pärnu Crematorium offers secular funeral services and cooperates in the organisation of Christian funerals. It also has Peiemaja, a building adjacent to the crematorium with banqueting facilities for up to 140 people. A wide range of possibilities to honour the memory of the deceased.

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