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Leganés Funeral Home, peace and accessibility

10.04.2024 | Funeral Homes

A large green area. Two rectangular ponds. Cypresses and weeping willows. This is the panorama that can be seen from the Parque Cementerio de Leganés Funeral Home and Crematorium (Spain). A facility with a wide corridor that on one side gives access to the wakes, farewell room and ceremony room; and on the other it has a large window that connects with the outside, providing light and a privileged view.

Light and warm colours dominate both inside and outside. The blue upholstery generates peace and promotes calm. The presence of wood in different spaces of the renovated facility and its application in coverings and furniture creates a common thread that transports us to the essence of nature.

This finishing stands out in the ceremony room, where the 14 units of 4 seater BILDU Benches designed by Mario Ruiz for Sellex have an ash stained oak shell. A successful combination that makes the BILDU Bench an excellent seating for funeral homes and wakes.

A more accessible interior

The architecture studio Eleserre and Proyectos Soluciones y Reformas have successfully renovated the Leganés Funeral Home with special emphasis on accessibility. The main objective of the project was to create an environment free of all types of barriers and universally accessible.

Among the most notable improvements are the expansion of the burial units, the important interior renovation and the integration of accessibility elements such as magnetic loops and tactile-visual paving.

By offering improved facilities that meet the diverse needs of families, the funeral home stands as a testament to the values of inclusion and support in times of grief.

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