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Seatings for waiting rooms in hospitals

05.11.2014 | Health

Whenever the time comes to equip the lounge and waiting rooms in a hospital, we should pay special attention to the seating we choose, being a main issue in this kind of areas. The choice of benches, beam seatings or chairs will depend on the place where they will go. Needless to say that the seating bench will be different at a public waiting area or at a lounge waiting room.

Should the seating be for a public area, the bench must meet with some requirements. Not only ergonomics is necessary but also materials used in the manufacturig must allow an easy maintainance. Besides, the bench's design has to adapt the space.

Among the seating proposals that Sellex has for hospitals, hereby the most suitable ones:


AERO Bench at waiting room of Hospital in Albacete
AERO Bench, Hospital in Albacete (Spain)

When the bench is aimed for waiting rooms, we will probably have less space left and therefore we need to provide the product with its proper personality. That's why the design of the seating should have the warmness necessary in smaller spaces. Not less relevance has the end user who needs to feel that he is getting a special consideration and will appreciate the single seatings instead of the seating beam for hospital. Last but least, as in the waiting rooms, a special attention should be given to the materials used which should allow an easy maintainance of the bench.

Sellex counts on different options of seating benches for waiting rooms in hospitals, all of them according to the mentioned requirements:


SUMA modular seating at waiting room of Curie Institute in Paris
SUMA Modular Seating, Curie Institute, Paris (France)

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