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Applications of high bar stools

20.10.2017 | Product

There is nothing new about high bar stools. They have been part  of our furnishing livings for some time  but they were used in a very limited way, mainly exclusively in the hospitality field and more precisely, at pubs or bars. They were known as ‘high bar stools'. It's been a while since hospitality has expanded its use and nowadays,  there are many restaurants offering to their customers the possibility to have lunch while  sat on a high barstool in front of a high table.

High bar stools have become a design ítem suitable for any installation. It could be said, that somehow, the high barstool is a trendy seating and it is no longer a hospitality exclusive product. Companies in general have started to incorporate this kind of seating in their workpaces. First it was in the chill-out areas (coffee-shop, coffee-break corner,...) but then  other spaces started to replace their  old furniture by this item. This is the case of meeting rooms. More and more companies welcome their clients or collaborators on high bar stools and tables.

We have also noticed that high tables and barstools are present in lounge areas at airports and terminals in order to create a confortable setting for the user who has probably been sat for some hours tripl and would appreciate to have a change on a seating that allows stretching the legs.

SET Bar Stools
SET Bar Stools


At Sellex, we follow the new tendences and try to know what each sector is demanding.  As a result, we launched  SET Bar Stools series one year ago, a design signed by Mario Ruiz, who was National Design Award in 2016. SET Barstool program introduces different frames, heights and shells bringing the possibility to meet with the requirements of every installation. Thus, several supports are available:  wooden legs, central leg, rod frame and floor fixing.

SET Bar Stool
SET Bar Stool


Besides, each version is available in different heights, going from 45cm up to 76cm. And also 3 different shells: wooden stool with back, backless wooden stool and polypropylene stool (in a wide range of colours).

It has to be said that Sellex's high tables (ZUBI Tables of Abad Diseño) give also the possibility to choose the most convenient height  (75, 90 or 110 cm), and even to combine several  sizes in a composition.

ZUBI Table
ZUBI Tables series


Undoubtly, the best way to solve the new demands for workplaces, hospitality and lounge areas.

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