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The patients of the Tres Mares Hospital in Reinosa wait at the AERO Bench

20.01.2021 | Health

 The waiting areas of the Tres Mares High Resolution Hospital in Reinosa (Spain) have been equipped with about 70 AERO Benches, designed by Lievore Altherr Molina for Sellex. The model chosen for these facilities has been the self-standing aluminum AERO, interspersing benches of between 3 and 7 seats, some with a table at the ends and others without it. In total, more than 220 places that will be used by the patients of the Cantabrian hospital.

The Lahoz López Arquitectos studio was responsible for designing a hospital with a human scale and that is inserted in a friendly way in its privileged environment. The patient's area, warm and comfortable, unfolds its volumetry of glass facades towards the southern sun. The clinical uses, in need of greater privacy, are closed to the north.

The architect Natalia López Matesanz, from the Lahoz López Arquitectos studio, explains us that they chose the AERO Bench for the waiting areas at the Reinosa Hospital because of its 'worked timeless design'. According to her, the beauty of its forms, harmonizes with the lines of a modern building and, at the same time, meets all the necessary conditions in the furniture of a public building: ergonomics, resistance, durability and ease to clean.

The AERO Bench at the Tres Mares Hospital in Reinosa
The AERO Bench at the Tres Mares Hospital in Reinosa


All these characteristics are what make AERO one of the Sellex benches most frequently chosen by architects and interior designers to equip waiting areas in medical centres.

Wide health coverage

The Tres Mares Hospital is located in the town of Reinosa, in Cantabria and serves the Campoo-Los Valles region. The hospital takes its name from Pico Tres Mares, one of the most representative mountains in this region.

Although the hospital belongs to the Cantabrian Health Service, Tres Mares also cares for patients from the neighbouring community of Castilla y León, thanks to an agreement signed between both governments. As a result of this collaboration, some 14,000 inhabitants of the north of Burgos and Palencia can be treated at the Reinosa hospital. This agreement covers emergencies, hospital admissions in internal medicine and scheduled radiology.

This collaboration was reached because the centre is capable of serving more than double the almost 20,000 potential users it has, a figure that demonstrates the scale of the project.

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