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CEU San Pablo, an unusual clinic

25.11.2021 | Health

The CEU San Pablo University Polyclinic in Madrid (Spain) has nothing to do with the preconceived image that we can have of a clinic. It can boast of having a very personal imprint designed by Adam Bresnick's team of architects that completely escapes from the typical aesthetics of a sanitary installation.

Diversity of shapes, materials, construction systems ... and a lot of colour. With all this cocktail, the Madrid architecture studio manages to create a warm and youthful atmosphere. CEU San Pablo is presented as an open space that facilitates student learning and favours communication between teacher and student, but does not for this reason leave the patient aside. Their comfort, rest and privacy are guaranteed.

The university polyclinic meet the needs of four different faculties (odontology, physiotherapy, psychology and nutrition) in a space spread over two floors. In the first one are the classrooms and changing rooms, while on the ground floor are the boxes where the students' practical classes are held.

The most remarkable thing about this curious installation is the design of the odontology boxes grouped in cabins of four through curved shapes, so that the same teacher can attend to several patients and supervise the work of several students.

These dental cabinets are constructed of brick parapet walls and of corrugated cellular polycarbonate panels screwed to curved wall, so ensuring privacy of the patients without closing the space.

The BILDU Bench in the Polyclinic of the CEU San Pablo University, Madrid (Spain)


In contrast, the physiotherapy, nutrition and psychology cabinets have polygonal shapes, replacing the format of curved, resin-coated walls and polycarbonate screens, with the steel profiles and the same plastic panels.

Functional waiting areas

In any medical facility, even though it is somewhat atypical as is the case of the CEU San Pablo, there are waiting areas where patients and accompanying persons should feel comfortable while waiting to be attend.

For these areas, the polyclinic's interior designer’s team has chosen the BILDU Bench designed by Mario Ruiz for Sellex. It is a modular seating system that allows different compositions to be made according to needs. In this way, you can create pieces with between one and four seats and incorporate arms or even tables (side, corner or extension).

Specifically, at the CEU San Pablo University Polyclinic, almost twenty waiting benches for between 2 and 3 seaters have been installed, some with a table and others without it, but all in the same colour, white and natural oak.

A choice that we consider very successful since BILDU offers an elegant design but at the same time functional, something essential in the waiting room of a hospital centre.

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