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New Paitilla Hospital, much more than a facelift

12.04.2023 | Health

 Since its construction in the 1970s, Paitilla Hospital has been an architectural icon of Panama City, but with the passage of time the façade had deteriorated and the time had come to restore the building to the place it deserves to occupy. Hence the rehabilitation of the façade was initiated, an action that is part of a much more comprehensive project, the Master Plan for the structural, technological and organisational renovation of the hospital.

With an investment of 17 million dollars and a phased implementation, the project includes the expansion of different areas of the Emergency Room for adults; the creation of the first 'Paitilla Paediatric Emergency Room', equipped with specific equipment to ensure more agile care for children; or the renovation of the physiotherapy area, which makes it one of the most complete Hospital Physiotherapies in the country.

But without a doubt, the highlight has been the refurbishment of the façade, which has undergone structural and aesthetic work, respecting the history of the building. Emilio Sánchez-Horneros, architect and managing director of TASH (Taller de Arquitectura Sánchez-Horneros) was responsible for the refurbishment and extension of the Paitilla Hospital.

As he describes it, the façade had irregularities and fungus, and in addition, in the 1980s, an upper floor had been added to the building, which tarnished the architectural image of the project. So, yes, the refurbishment was necessary, and it has been carried out while the hospital has remained in operation.

AERO, BACK Lounge and MIX

At Sellex we have had the opportunity to be part of this rehabilitation, and we have done so by equipping some spaces of the Paitilla Hospital with three of our furniture products for waiting areas of hospitals and medical offices: The AERO Bench (Lievore Altherr Molina), the BACK Lounge Chair (Burkhard Vogtherr) and the MIX Table Oval (O.T.S).

The latter, the MIX Table, is available in different sizes and heights, and the BACK Lounge in different finishes.

Hospital Paitilla furniture in the waiting rooms
AERO Bench in the paediatric emergency room of the Paitilla Hospital

For the AERO Bench, the interior design team chose different seat lengths, from 249 cm to 373 cm, both with and without armrests. In addition, throughout the installation we can find this seating in different colours, highlighting the important function of the upholstery. The same piece can acquire a completely different character depending on the chosen upholstery: a bright and cheerful colour for paediatric emergencies, but more sober tones for the rest of the spaces.

Hospital Paitilla furniture waiting area
MIX table and BACK armchair in a waiting area at Paitilla Hospital

Likewise, we can see that grey and blue, as the clinic's corporate identity, serve as a common thread throughout the installation, as they are present not only in the upholstery, but also in the works of Mercedes Juan, an artist from Toledo who is not the first time she has crossed the other side of the ocean. On this occasion, several of her graphic creations decorate the Panama installation. The best accompaniment for the pieces of Sellex.

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