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SLAM and IRINA Chairs welcome patients at Bellikon Clinic

21.06.2018 | Health

Bellikon Rehabilitation Clinic (Switzerland) has made a choice on SLAM and IRINA Chairs (designed by Lievore Altherr Molina) as furniture for  the refurbished premises.

The renovation and extension project has been managed by Burckhardt + Partner Architects studio and was completed at the beginning of 2018, after 5 years works period.

With this extension of the clinic, it was intented to provide additional space for the treatments, to design a contemporary architectural  solution and to create a building complex that is future-orientated with regard to technology and sustainability. Based on these three premises, the concept developed by the architecture studio has led to a harmonious visual link between the municipality, the clinic and the landscape.

Bellikon Rehabilitation Clinic, SLAM and IRINA Chairs

The new building extension counts on five levels, including therapy spaces, a swimming pool, a gym, a parking area and technical rooms. Spacious  atriums help to a pleasant atmosphere.

Well-being of the patients

Architectural concept was relevant indeed, but their focus was on giving priority to the well-being of  patients. In this sense, environment has a significant impact in the rehabilitation of the patients. The terrace along with the large glass-clad cafeteria, providing an unobstructed view of the surrounding  landscape, contribute greatly to this aim.

Furniture pieces are an important issue to be considered. The team in charge of the clinic's refurbishment have thought that the most suitable chairs for the well-being of patients are SLAM and IRINA models of Sellex.

 Bellikon Rehabilitation Clinic, SLAM and IRINA Chairs
Bellikon Rehabilitation Clinic, SLAM and IRINA Chairs.


Thanks to the  renovation and building extension, Bellikon Rehabilitation Clinic, continues to be properly  equipped for the medical rehabilitation and occupational reintegration of accident victims and thus, prepared for future service and capacity demands.

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