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Sant Gervasi, the funeral house with exceptional location

06.02.2020 | Funeral Homes

The Sant Gervasi Funeral house stands out for its impressive views of Barcelona and the Mediterranean Sea. Beyond the impeccable architecture of Marina Salvador, the engineering work necessary to adapt the building to the Tibidabo mountain orography and its Japanese garden; the funeral home owned by Mémora Group is characterized by an exceptional location.

The building has six floors in which there is a multipurpose room or oratory with a capacity for 300 people, 10 visitation rooms of about 40m2 and other common areas, such as the flower shop and the cafeteria. The visitation or vigil rooms stand out for their daylight and for having an open area with a small water pond.

The interior design reinforces the horizontality of the space through the wooden wall coverings. The furniture is also key in this sense, as 30 AERO Benches with 6 places equip the multipurpose room of the funeral home. The model chosen is the selfstanding bench and it is upholstered, to provide extra comfort.


The AERO Bench in Sant Gervasi Funeral house

The AERO Bench in Sant Gervasi Funeral house


The AERO Bench in Mémora

Designed by Lievore Altherr Molina, the AERO Bench is a common seating in the funeral homes and crematoriums of the Mémora Group. The Sancho de Ávila Funeral house in Barcelona, Calahorra in La Rioja or Rentería in the Basque Country are some of the facilities that have been equipped with this design bench.

Founded in 1997, the Mémora Group is present in Spain and Portugal. In Spain the group operates and manages 129 funeral homes, 26 crematoriums and 23 cemeteries. Sellex is proud of the trust that Mémora Group has put in during all these years.

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