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Sellex armchairs, benches and chairs at Santinello Funeral Home

15.09.2020 | Funeral Homes

Santinello Funeral Home in Padua (Italy) has equipped its modern and welcoming facilities with some of the seats for funeral homes and wakes that we offer at Sellex. A total of 84 pieces including benches, armchairs and chairs for funeral homes that have been distributed throughout the different rooms of the building: multifunctional rooms, wakes and offices.

Specifically, the chosen products were the following: VALERI Armchair and Sofa (Lievore Altherr Molina), in champagne, cognac and olive colour upholstery; the IRINA Chair (Lievore Altherr Molina), in cognac and olive colour upholstery; the SLAM Basic Chair (Lievore Altherr Molina), in anthracite grey polypropylene; and finally, the BILDU (Mario Ruiz) 4-seater Bench with two types of shell, upholstered and natural oak.

The way of distributing the different seat designs has followed the criteria of tonality, so that at each wake the 3 available upholstery (champagne, cognac and olive) have been combined. Likewise, in the multifunctional room, upholstered benches have been placed in the first row, so that they can be used by family members.

A homely atmosphere

The funeral home, operating since last March with strictly private and controlled access (in full compliance with the extraordinary measures to contain the spread of Covid-19), aims to be an alternative to private homes offering those, who lose a loved person, a protected and discreet place to receive, in the most absolute privacy, the visit and comfort of family and friends.

That has been the goal of Santinello Funeral Home from the beginning: to offer a homely atmosphere in cosy facilities. With that intention, the building combines perfectly traditional architectural solutions with the use of modern materials and technologies.

Sellex armchairs, benches and chairs at Santinello Funeral Home
VALERI Armchair and Sofa in Santinello Funeral Home


Its director, Andrea Santinello, explains that 'we believe in the importance of providing Padua with a structure dedicated to offer the adequate space and time to remember and say goodbye to those we love, recreating the typical intimacy of the domestic environment'.

The Santinello FH family business has reached its fourth generation and has been in business for 101 years. With these new facilities, Santinello FH completes the other two offices that it already has in the Italian city. Andrea also values ”‹”‹the collaboration maintained with the Sellex team, as well as the furniture acquired, of which she says 'I can confirm its quality, aesthetics and comfort'.

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