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We chat with the architecture studio El Equipo Creativo

20.05.2021 | Hospitality

At Sellex we take the opinion of architects and interior designers very seriously. We are constantly learning from them and we trust in their experience and professionalism. After all, they are the ones who set the trends and know the end user best.

Proof of this is the conversation that Miguel Jiménez, General Manager of Sellex, had with Natali Canas del Pozo, from the architecture studio El Equipo Creativo. A conversation that has been broadcasted live on Instagram and in which we have been able to talk at length about the evolution of furniture for hotels and restaurants.

The world of hospitality is precisely the speciality of El Equipo Creativo. As a result of its most emblematic projects, the Tickets restaurant, the Patka restaurant and the 41º cocktail bar by Ferran and Albert Adrià, this Barcelona-based studio has specialised in the design of spaces for gastronomy, as well as branded and commercial spaces.

Oliver Franz Schmidt and Lucas Echeveste Lacy join Natali in El Equipo Creativo, as well as other collaborators from different countries, thus forming a multicultural studio.

Five hospitality furniture products you should know about

During the talk, we had the opportunity to show our showroom and, specifically, what we consider to be the 5 most appropriate Sellex products to equip any hospitality facility. We see them below:

  • HANDY Stool: It stands out for its versatility, as it can be used as a chair or as a side table.
  • MASS Stools and Chairs: The chairs can be stacked up to 40 units and the stool can be stacked up to 15 units.
  • SET Stools: Available in different heights and structures.
  • FAST Table: A table designed for multifunctional spaces, something very common in hotels and restaurants.
  • LA LITERAL Bunk Beds: A solution to optimise space in hotel rooms to the maximum.

LA LITERAL folding bunk beds at the Catalonia Gran Vía Hotel in Madrid


As Miguel explained, all these products reflect one of our main hallmarks, since 'they are apparently simple designs, but technically complicated'.

Natali highlighted the versatility of some of our products as an essential requirement when equipping hospitality spaces. Another quality she valued is the stackability of some of our chairs and stools, such as MASS and HANDY. As he explained, one of the most common problems is where to store the furniture when it is not being used and being able to stack the seats is a fantastic solution for this type of installation.

She also highlighted the variety of colours and materials on offer, which allows each piece to be personalised to the maximum. And finally, she showed interest in the sustainable nature of our design furniture.  In this sense, Miguel explained that at Sellex we try to work with local suppliers, in order to reduce our carbon footprint, and that we strive to offer long-lasting products, manufactured with recycled materials, because sustainability is another challenge that we are very aware of.

It was a very interesting talk that we enjoyed very much. You can watch it in full here.

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