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The best choice for waiting areas in hospitals

15.05.2017 | Health

At Sellex, we know how important confort, durability and quality are concerning furniture for waiting areas. Further more important at hospitals, where waiting maybe longer than  expected  and the patient and relatives need to have the proper furniture piece.

Hospital Waiting rooms are generally small spaces which need to have  personality and warmth. The furniture in general but more precisely the seatings have to add its own personality to the place and cover the people's needs while they have to be waiting.

BILDU modular seating
Buztintxuri Healthcare Center (Spain). BILDU modular seating.


Materials durability and quality are of great relevance as traffic at hospitals becomes very heavy and continous, that's why  is so important to count on seatings for lounge and waiting areas that are resistance and confortable at the same time, so that  patients and accompanying  persons can confortably wait.

Sellex has available different collections for hospital  waiting rooms furniture able to meet with the requirements  for the people's well being. By providing products designed to fit finelly into the  space.

SLAM Beam seating by Lievore Altherr Molina
SLAM beam seating consists of an aluminium structure over which shells give the impression to float. This special design gives a modern look and an aesthetic of straight lines to the hospital  waiting rooms.

BILDU Modular seatings by Mario Ruiz
BILDU modular seatings, of great functionality and beautifully shaped, are ideal for waiting areas.

SUMA Modular seatings by Gemma Bernal
A timeless design together with functionality  makes of SUMA modular seating an essential piece for this kind of spaces.

HAMMOK Lounge chair by Burkhard Vogtherr
Upholstery  in the front and wooden armrests feature this loung chair. A confortable  armchair made of very high quality materials.

VALERI Lounge chair by Lievore Altherr Molina
A product accurately manufactured;  a lounge chair produced with a stainless steel  frame,  upholstered in fabric or leather and designed to give confort to the user. It is a versatile piece suitable to be placed either at hospitals waiting areas or at home.


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