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HANDY Stool equips the workspace of its creator

20.07.2022 | Offices

The ARUP offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Singapore, were equipped at the time with the HANDY Stool, which now also looks in its new headquarters in London. And it could not be any other seat chosen to equip this multidisciplinary design and engineering company that we at Sellex know very well.

HANDY is precisely the result of our collaboration with its 'Global Product Design Leader', Stephen Philips, who detected the need for a lightweight, stackable stool that would facilitate collaboration in the short work meetings organised in his workspace. What Philips was looking for was flexibility, a feature also required in cafeterias, educational centres and hospitality spaces, among others.

The idea began to take shape in 2016 and two years later saw the light of day at the Orgatec trade fair. The result, a piece of auxiliary furniture that is much more than a simple stackable stool, as it can also be used as a side table depending on the needs of the space.

Specifically, the model chosen for the London offices is the HANDY with Upholstered Pad, in different colours (blue, green, white and grey). A total of 150 stools distributed throughout the offices with a clear sustainable focus with which, according to Stephen Philips, HANDY fits in perfectly.

Full-electric offices

ARUP's new headquarters in London is part of a much larger project by MAKE Architects which, in addition to the office space, includes a residential area, a small garden and several shops in the surrounding area.

HANDY Stool Stackable
HANDY Stool at the ARUP offices in London


But if there is one thing that makes this project stand out, it is the sustainability of the new offices. This is an electric building that uses air source pumps for heating and cooling, avoiding fossil fuels.  In fact, it has one of the largest heat pumps in central London and 80 m2 of solar thermal panels.

Further proof that this is a smart building is that the air conditioning in the perimeter areas is automatically switched off when the windows are open. The lobby and atriums are naturally ventilated, drawing in outside air, and a highly integrated fresh air strategy uses the atrium to distribute fresh air to the floors.

We certainly agree with the words of Stephen Philips when he says that HANDY fits perfectly into the sustainable design of the new headquarters. The 150 stools have been installed in different areas of the building, and they all fit in like a glove.


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