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ARUP equips its London offices with the most sustainable version of HANDY

20.04.2020 | Offices

The design and engineering company ARUP has equipped its London offices with the HANDY Stool 100/100, made of 100% recycled and 100% recyclable polypropylene.

ARUP is the design and engineering company in which Stephen Philips, HANDY designer, works as Global Product Design Leader. Collaborative work is part of the everyday at ARUP: ad-hoc meetings, collaboration workshops, presentations and conferences are held. Therefore, since it was designed, the HANDY stool has been part of all its facilities due to its versatility.

HANDY can be used at an individual desk for quick meetings with a colleague, or around a table for more informal team meetings. 'Both our workspaces and rest areas needed to be more agile, to better adapt to all kinds of activities,' says Stephen.

Also, let's not forget that it is a stackable seat that allows it to occupy the minimum space, thus keeping the working environment clean and tidy.

handy Stool 100/100 equips the ARUP offices in London
Stephen Philips, HANDY Stool designer


Now ARUP goes one step further by including the most sustainable version of HANDY in its facilities. For the moment, HANDY Stool 100/100 has been introduced in Arup's London headquarters. The company would like to extend it to other offices globally. Organisations in New Zealand, the Netherlands and the United States and other countries have already opted to introduce the Range 100/100 of the HANDY Stool.

Recycled and recyclable furniture

As Philips tells us, sustainability is rooted in everything they do at ARUP and they wanted HANDY 100/100 to help reduce the company's carbon footprint.

'I am very happy to see that Sellex is using the 100/100 approach for other seats in its catalogue. It is a fantastic innovation and will become more popular as people continue to become more aware of our need to reduce the impact we make', he adds.

Stephen Phillips refers to our new Range 100/100, a selection of products that we already offered at Sellex but that now have a more sustainable line because they are made from 100% recycled and 100% recyclable materials.

The HANDY Stool 100/100 (also used as a side table), the MASS Chair 100/100, the SET Sled Base Stool 100/100 and some Chairs from the SLAM program make up the Range 100/100 of recycled and recyclable furniture.

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