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Girona's Funeral House and AERO Bench: a perfect match for a new generation of Funeral Houses

17.06.2015 | Funeral Homes

Girona's Funeral House (Spain) decided to have AERO Bench (designed by Lievore Altherr Molina) placed in its Rooms which shows a new concept of Funeral Houses.

Spaces devoted to funeral houses have evolved during the last years in order to catch up with the new demands of society. Rooms have become a meeting place for memory and homage, beyond individual beliefs.

Therefore, these spaces seek to give a chance to different sensitivities from the respect to anyone and try to bring peace and quiet at sensitive times.

Not doubt, Gironas's Funeral House is a good example of above said, combining a care architectural design with a great sensitive interior design .

This is why we would very much like to share the next images with you.

AERO < + Info... >

Funeral Home Seating < + Info... >

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