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Outdoor Furniture

26.06.2018 | Product

Creating furniture for outdoors  is quite a different thing than designing for indoor or covered outdoor spaces. Outdoor furniture needs to have specific features enabling to resist the weather conditions. Summer hot, freezy cold Winter, rain, wind, in the case of bus station's seatings, benches installed outside the entrance of a shopping center or the tables and chairs in the terrace of a restaurant.

Aluminium and stainless Steel are the most proper materials to be used in outdoor spaces. So, both our AERO Bench, design Liervore Altherr Molina or our VACANTE Bench, design Enric Miralles, are highly appreciated and demanded as seating  for outdoors.

Our AERO aluminium bench, based on extruded aluminium profiles, will be found outside many different Kind of facilities: at Dubai Mall Shopping Center in Dubai (Arabian Emirates), at Virgen de la Caridad Hospital in Cartagena (Spain) or Zoersen City Hall (Belgium). It will also be seen at the terraces of CUY Studies Centre in California and Little Haiti Residence  in Florida.

AERO Bench


Another seating capable to resist hard weather conditions is  VACANTE,  one of our strongest benches. VACANTE is made of perforated steel   or wooden shells, with iron sheet legs and when it is to be placed in the open air, a special outdoors treatment is applied to make it resistent. This bench version will be seen at Union Square in San Francisco or in Moita's Council in Portugal. There will be a chance to sit on VACANTE Bench at the outside of several busy international airports or passenger terminals,  such as: Detroit airport in Michigan (USA), Fesno airport in California (USA), Hervey Bay airport (Australia),  Coina Railway Station (Portugal), Texas College Station (USA), and so on.

Bar Terraces, restaurants and coffee-shops

When time comes to talk about outdoor furniture , we cannot help thinking of furniture for  terraces in bars, restaurants and coffee-shops. Some of these  Hospitality locations prefer to count on benches and beam seatings- Cafetería Gerstner en Viena - but it is more common to have chairs and bar stools similar to those placed indoor. Should be the case, there is no need about materials being so highly demanding in terms of climate conditions as this furniture will be used in the terrace in case of good weather. If it rains, snows or with very low temperature, this furniture will be most surely taken  inside.

You are welcome to see here some of our seatings and tables most  popular as Hospitality furniture.

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