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800 SLAM Chairs in Haneda Chronogate of Tokyo

25.04.2019 | Hospitality


More than 800 SLAM Chairs (designed by Lievore Altherr Molina) furnish the restaurant facilities of the logistics service Hub next to the Haneda Airport in Tokyo (Japan).

Haneda Chronogate is the largest logistic terminal in Japan. The facility, owned by Yamato Group, counts with a cutting edge technology, being at the same time respectful of environment. It is said that the hub depicts the start of a new era in logistics.

The building is 48 meters high and it has an area of nearly 100.000 square meters. In addition to the areas specifically dedicated to logistics, the hub has common facilities such as a nursery and a cafeteria-restaurant.

It is precisely this last space, the restaurant, which has been equipped with Sellex furniture. Specifically with SLAM Basic Chair, a seat that belongs to a wider chair program.

SLAM Chairs in Haneda Chronogate of Tokyo
SLAM Chair in Haneda Chronogate of Tokyo.


SLAM Chairs program has up to 13 seat versions that allow the same aesthetic to be maintained in the different spaces of a facility. This is the premise that SLAM Chairs were born with, the premise of maintaining the same line in all the possible combinations of shells and frames. In this way, SLAM can be a chair for a waiting area of a clinic, for the reception of a company or as it is in this case, for a bar, cafeteria or restaurant.

SLAM Chair is based on an aluminium structure (painted or polished) 12 mm thick that simulates a handrail, on which the polypropylene, 2D wood, 3D wood or upholstered shell 'floats'. A lightweight seat that adapts to different environments and spaces.

In short, a modern and ground-breaking design for this Japanese facility, where a black and white combination has been chosen.

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