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Funeral Home, a new concept to conceive the space

26.05.2017 | Funeral Homes

With the aim to adapt to a new demand from the society, the spaces devoted to funeral homes have significantly evolved during the last years. The rooms have become a place for memorial and homage, independently of the users beliefs. Thus, these places search to give cover to acts of different sensibilities from the respect to each one and trying to bring peace in those hard moments.

A good example of this new generation of morgues is the Funeral Home in Girona (Spain) which has a care architonic design and a special sensibility has been given to interior setting.

One of the main rooms, with a capacity for 300 people, has been projected as a multifunctional space, suitable for either civil or religious ceremonies and pointing out three directions (towards the Mecque, towards Rome and towards Jerusalem) so any kind of ceremony can take place.

Funeral House in Girona (Spain), AERO aluminium bench
AERO Bench at Funeral Home in Girona


The Funeral Home in Girona took the decision to have AERO Bench designed by Lievore Altherr Molina placed in its Rooms, this item fits finely into this kind of installations. The aesthetic of AERO Bench allows it to adapt to the different zones of the facility, equipping either a room devoted to pray or a waiting room or a chapel. Besides, AERO series counts on different finishings and components which enables benches from 2 up to 10 seaters in one single piece.

This is just the kind of bench that we will find at San José Funeral Home in Burgos (Spain), all benches being 5,50 meters long. The extension of this facility was projected by architects Luis García Camarero and Antonio García Muñoz, who designed a light and airy space meant for funeral services of all sensibilities and ideologies. This is achieved thanks to a multi-confessional room located on the ground floor.

SLAM seat on beam
'San José' Funeral House, Burgos (Spain), SLAM seat on beam


Special mention is deserved also to Goosens and Celis Funeral Home in Mortsel (Belgium). From our point of view, both the interior design of the room and the lighting have been successfully resolved which shows once again the high architectural quality given to this kind of facilites during the last years.

Last but not least, we would like to mention other Funeral Homes that also belong to this new morgue concept of which we are talking about, such as El Alisal Funeral Home in Santander (Spain), Almuñecar in Granada (Spain) or Ringsted (Denmark), just to list a few.

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